Funding available for all real estate projects.

$1.000.000 to $1B

Hard Money

Mezzanine Funding

Joint Ventures

Please contact:

The above email address is the only publicly authorized email address we have.

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FRS Financial Services is a private multi-asset alternative investment firm with nearly €80 billion Euros in assets under management. Our investment tentacles cuts across multi asset classes including private equity, credit investing and investment solutions. We leverage our shared platform to capture cross-asset class opportunities in strategic areas of focus.
We provide investment funds to many sectors and geographies by partnering closely with management teams to offer consulting skills that challenge conventional thinking. This has helped us to build formidable financial capacity in Europe.
Our financial advantage has motivated us to currently expand our investment portfolio outside Europe to offer investment funds to viable business and project proposals with good ROI. Our repayment plans are flexible, with a 2% annual interest rate.
Currently we are sourcing for investment opportunities for review and consideration and I would be delighted to discuss further with you. 
We are open to discuss with any *borrower interested in loans for projects or businesses. Kindly let me know how we can work together. 

Since when did you start doing loans Sir?

Last time i checked you contacted Loan Arranger Limited as a borrower requesting for a loan under your company name "Kearsedge Boston".

As Investment Advisor for your company, you provided different bank account information for the closing of the requested loan and none of these bank information belonged to your company.

And when you were charged closing fee for the loan you declined and labelled Loan Arranger Limited and took your baseless assumptions to google which badly affected our relationships with clients.


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