100% Startup Financing


Funding from 50K up to 300K

USA only. In today's market, "No Money Down" Financing is almost unheard of. However, there are lenders.

Invest without cash?? * 100% Financing* A unique Investing Option. Startups OK.

Funding is fast:

The approvals start arriving two weeks after application date:

No upfront fees:

Only good credit is needed and if you have credit that is not so great it may be possible to have a credit partner to help you secure your funding request:

No income or collateral needed:

Just good credit and  and federal tax ID:

New Business OK:

50K to 350K

Call me Edward Tuggle Independent Private Funding Consultant: Credit Repair Consulting:

Call me Edward Tuggle Office 281-599-9954 Cell 281-704-0115 tuggle859@sncglobal.net

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What about fair credit? please send to dk.schuelke@att.net

Hi Don

I will need you to call my office. I am not really sure about the question that you are asking me. I do want want to help you any way possible.

Office 281-599-9954

Are you in Houston or around Houston? If yes where. Thanks Don Schuelke

Yes I am in Houston Texas.

Thanks Edward-


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