Seeking loan for acquisition and repair the ARV is $150,000 in need of $75,000, non owner occupied have buyer lined up for quick fix and flip.

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Please visit my website at

Fill out the application for funding.

Please contact me at

Hello Ken-

Please see attached


I can help you with the loan. Email me for more details on

Fix and Flip Credit Lines Available Up To 7.5MM!

 Let's discuss financing your real estate transactions. The real estate market is warming up and expanding.  You need a funding source that can expand with you.  This source has more than $250 million in lending capacity and operates in more than 40 states.

Programs Include:

*Fix & Flip: Lines Of Credit*

*Rental Property Programs*

Single and Multiple Property Loans Available

*New Construction Loans*

A few program highlights:

- Lines between
up to $7,500,000

- Fund up to 85% of Acquisition and Rehab Costs not to exceed 65% of After Repair Value (ARV) on Residential Properties (1-4 units)

- Fund up to 75% of Acquisition and Rehab Costs not to exceed 60% of ARV on Multifamily Properties (5-30 units)

- NO application
fee for credit line approval

- Monthly payments
are interest only

- No prepayment
penalty (3 months minimum interest)

- Currently
lending in 45 states (Not including CA and NV)

- We fund rehab

- We only lend
on Non-Owner Occupied Properties

- Borrower must
have prior investment property experience

Please Email For more information:

  • I can help you with the loan, for more information

    Contact me on my email

    You can also check my profile on facebook CHRISTA LAXTON 

    And am also located on linkedin.

    You can call me on 3072753499

    Best regard 


We can help check out our website and if you are interested call 1-800-563-4479. We are contracted with over 24 Lenders!!!

I'm prepared to fund your deal High Approval Rates And Flexible Repayment Plans Are Our Specialty; We Also Provide Credit Card Processing. We Provide Businesses With The Best In Transaction Processing Services. Our Competitive Pricing, Around-The-Clock 24/7 Customer & Technical Support, And Innovative Technology Sets The Industry Standard. Contact Me Directly At
(Mailto: And I Will Respond Immediately With Loan Terms And Application To Start Processing Your Loan Request.

Cell:325-261-0531 Fax: 844-723-8341

Orlando, Florida

Direct fund loan can help you with the loan that you seek for but first of all you must tell us how much you seek as a loan and how you intend paying back the loan fund if given to you Direct fund loan do not give its loan to people who do not have a means of generating monthly income for them selfs.  and as well we do not give loan fund that is above $200,000 within a period of 20 years....We offer loans with both long and short term repayment. contact us for further details and information on getting a loan from us and we would be glad to answer any questions you have...

We await your swift response...

Thank you

Derek Pate
Operation Manager DirectfundLoan

Hello Ken,  I am sure that you've gotten this done by now; however, on your next project allow me to work for you and obtain the funds that you need for success before the markets constrict again.  Contact me

I offer wide range of loans, my service is fast and due at a very low and minimum rate of 5% to suit your needs.


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