We are looking to fund projects within the following parameters:
Asset Based, No Credit Requirements
M to $50M-No Upfront Fees! 
Location: Primary & secondary markets,nationwide (48 states)
Bridge Lending,Construction, Acquisition,
Security: 1st mortgage bridge loan
Property Types: Apartment Building, Hotels/Motels, Resorts, Marinas,Strip Malls, Mixed Use, Hospitality, Self Storage 
Horizon: 12,18,24 36 months
Rates: competitive

LTV: 50% (may go to 60% for stronger projects)

No Pre Payment Penalty

Interest Only Payments

10% "Skin" Required for all projects. NO EXCEPTIONS. 1% escrow after we issue a commitment to fund, and the remaining 9% due at closing. The 10% will be credited towards the loan to cover closing costs etc... Since we are not asking for anything upfront, we require borrowers to contribute. If you cannot/will not contribute, we will not consider your request. 

Closing in 21days

Submit a 1-3 page Executive Summary with a Use of funds breakdown to:

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Seeking funding for the purchase of warehouse in the region haute-garonne (france). We buy the property approximately 2/3 full, however, we at the same time rent the property to 100% of their capacity and want to monetize the value of the lease at the time of our purchase. Our original investment price is $ 250,000, however, the value of commercial property, to a ceiling of 8 and 10%. Still us just finding 90 and 100,000 dollars for closed the final purchase, which serra repay over 10 years. We seek to obtain financing on the basis of the assessment with the renewal of the lease in place. Please contact me for more details.



I am sorry for anxiety.

I Kostylev Alexander. Russia. The Private person, not the commercial director and my partner Jennifer Scimone, we ask you about the help in financing of my project on Philippines.

The given project represents. Purchase of a beach of 20 hectares and business development. Tourism and rest. Hotel building in territory. For my project the credit in 10 000 000 dollars is required. For land buying and for vacation spot and tourism development. A fine place for the project and the project too rather attractive.

I am ready to give all necessary documents. As personal and on the project.

If can help, inform please.

Kostylev Alexander.
Russia. 660062. Krasnoyarsk.
Street Visotnay 2. str 1. room 418.
My private phone no: +79631818912
My private fax no: +7(391) 2478387
Occupation: Adviser.
Age: 34 year
Sex: Male.
Skype; Alekskkost5

Mrs. Guada,

Would you condider a refinance on a residential property? I have a specific deal that I need to get done and would like to discuss my need with you in more detail if interested.

I can be reached at




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