The purpose of this website is to help you purchase or refinance real estate. Let us help you!

Do you need to refinance commercial real estate in any state in America? If so, please comment below and let us know your needs. If we cannot help you ourselves, one of the thousands of Mortgage Brokers or hundreds of direct lenders on this website may be able to make it happen for you!

Here is what we can offer:

We offer both Bridge Funding and Permanent Funding options!

Loan amounts from $500k up to $50 Million

Rate/Term Refinance up 75% LTV

Cash Out Refinance up to 75% LTV

Purchase Funding up to 80% LTV

Non-Recourse Funding options with rates as low as 3.5%

To get started, just email me at and tell me a little about your deal and the real estate investment experience of the Borrower. Easy process with funding available Nationwide!

Please comment below because if I cannot help you, someone else on this website likely can!

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I have a 6 unit multifamily in Tennessee. I would like to do a cash out refinance so I can use the money as down payment to purchase more real estate. The loan amount will be about $350k. Value about $520. All 6 units currently leased.


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