Strong financial company seeks funding on an existing office and new warehouse facility.

I represent an internet distributor of nutritional products that recently purchased an office building in Carlsbad, CA. They are also looking to purchase a warehouse in the next few months. They have very strong financials and purchased the office building last year for $1.3 million, cash. They would like to arrange debt on that asset as well as acquire a warehouse for an additional $500k. The LTV would be in the 70% range.

The big caveat is that major banks will not lend to them, nor will the SBA guarantee a loan due to the perception of some of the products they sell. They are not looking for a hard money loan, just traditional financing with a smaller institution.

This is their web site:

Please contact me if you can arrange financing for them.



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What's your information and do you have a summary on the project?  I am direct to a non-bank lender who will do things out of the box, but still not put rates/terms in hard money realm.  Feel free to contact me, and I can send you loan program parameters and some recent loan approvals, so you can see what they are doing.  I'll also include our short form that can be filled out so I can get you an answer.


Jared Rine

209 481 0514


We are direct to the lender and can provide LTV of up to 75% with competive rates. To discuss in more detail e-mail me at with a project summary and preferred terms.



 we cover all 50 states with CRE Loans


We have a portfolio of Lenders that include everything from Insurance Companies, to Private Lender Groups (some with the willingness to JV on the equity portion if the project is strong enough). We have a preferred status with most of our Lenders because we originate and sometimes partially underwrite all of our files. This includes back ground checks on all principals, legal workup of the project and principals, CPA assistance with all of the projections/proforma numbers. 

Although we take a look at a variety of projects, we specialize in Assisted Living, Hospital, Clinics, Multi-Family, Student Housing, Hotels, Resorts, and Multi-Use. We have the most success with projects that have strong principals, who are willing to participate in the process to obtain their funding. The principals must have experience in the field of the project (or a strong management team), and strong financials. Even though most of our Lenders are Non-Recourse the financial status of the Borrower is strongly considered! 

I want to learn more regarding your financing needs. Please contact me at


Hi Josh,

We may have a lender for this. Could forward a summary of the project?


April Fletcher


I can assist in the funding, please visit my website and forward your contact information and I be reach out to you regarding the financing

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. is a private investment bank with a real estate finance division. Please contact us for your financing needs. 

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

email me:


Mr Josh Burland 

We actively invest and provide short, medium and long-term finance facilities to corporate and private borrowers globally who are able to clearly demonstrate viability and status. We boast extensive financial resources from our own and managed private funds and are therefore able to provide facilities specifically structured to generate far reaching financial solutions designed to stimulate business growth and maximize profitability.

Broker’s information:

If you are a  professional intermediary advisor Loan Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Independent Financial Advisers, Insolvency Practitioners, Solicitors, Accountants, Lettings Agents, Estate Agents, Sole Traders or anyone else providing financial services and you have clients that would benefit from what our company offers we would like to hear from you.

Go to our Website B.J.Enterprises.  for Company information or e-mail

Hello Josh,

I may be able to help you.  Please email me details on the borrowers and each property.

Thank you

Robert Hodge

I am a direct lender  for Calif properties ,, will be happy to look at your project ,,,email or  call me ..thanks..

Tom Minovich


Thank you for the responses. We are working with a local bank. The borrower should have an answer from them in the next few weeks. If we fail to secure financing I will contact those that posted.



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