STATED INCOME Commercial RE Loan Program - 30 year Fixed, to $3,000,000, Small Loan Amounts

Investor Small Balance Commercial Loan Program - STATED INCOME

$500k - $3,000,000 loan amounts

*Property types include: Multifamily, Mixed-use (majority residential), Industrial, Warehouse, Office, Retail; others possible (ASK)

*CASH OUT to UP TO 70% LTVs!!

*UP TO 30 YEAR FIXED (can't do that at a bank)


- No Tax Returns, No W-2's, No personal income, NO Employment, NO DTI calc, NO GLOBAL DTI

*Based off Property Income ONLY

- DOES have to debt service


*Down to 680 FICOs

*Low rates and low fees

*Easy Prepays - Mainly Step-Down

*Most Markets considered


*NOTE - these are NOT hard/private money closings

Available in MOST states, most markets, NOT just CA – CA Preferred

Other Commercial/Hard Money programs available 


If this isn’t your scenario, ASK ME – I HAVE LOTS OF LENDER RELATIONSHIPS

DISCLOSURE: I AM A BROKER, but if you have a viable deal, ARE AMICABLE, and can’t seem to place it, contact me.

Scenarios and Inquiries welcomed.



Thank you.

Jared Rine

209 481 0514 (TEXT OKAY)

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