Short Term Funding Sought on Investment Property in Naples Florida

I am seeking an investor and/or funder to provide funding on a newly renovated single family home in Naples, Florida.  I purchased it, renovated it, and have placed it on the market, however, I would like to hold it for a year instead of selling immediately.  As such, I would like to leverage this property to begin work on another project.

I am attaching the virtual tour of the property.

It is a 4 bedroom, 3 bath, pool home.  Its current market value is $339K.  Seeking to fund it up to 80% of the appraised value as there is no work to be done to the property.

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Ms. Horanzy,

Are you seeking conventional funding or just quick money. Also, how is your credit. We may be able to assist depending on your response. I do assume it to be non owner occupied?  Lastly can you show seasoned reserves to be able to make payments.

My goal is to hold this property for a year to maximize my return on the purchase/rehab that I have invested into the property.  Naples is a recovered and steadily growing market.  My credit is fine.  Yes, it is non-owner occupied.  I would look to lease it for a year, most likely.  I do not keep money in reserves; my funds are constantly moving.  

Look forward to hearing back from you if you have a program that will work with specifics.  

Thank you.

Good evening David:

I am looking for funding for approximately one year.  If I am reading your information correctly and based on my experience in seeing many types of funding, this appears to be a business loan/line of credit with daily or weekly payments.  Am I correct?

Thank you.


Good afternoon:  I haven't heard back from you when I replied last Thursday.  Please advise.  Thank you.

Send me details of your project with phone number to

Good evening Samuel:

The property/project is complete.  The virtual tour will show you the end result.  Please see in my posting.  This property was purchased 6 months ago and renovated.  It is currently valued at $339K.  Based on a review of the comps earlier today, this is a solid number.

If you have a program that will work for my goals with this property, I would be happy to look at what you have.

Thank you.

I responded to the email address you listed above.

Thank you.

Good evening:

I have responded to your reply at the email you have listed above.

Thank you.

Nancy, If you still need this loan, please contact me.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

Visio Financial Services


Good morning:  I am looking for funding for my Florida projects at the moment. However, I have found that Visio has been very expensive.  What do you have for short term(12 month) funding?  Thank you.

Good morning:  I am seeking funding for my Florida projects at the moment.  $250K, 12 months.  Please sending me what you have for programs for short term funding.  Thank you.

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