Kearsedge Boston is a private equity trust focusing on the acquisition of multifamily assets for monthly cash flow.

We seek out value-add and stabilized assets in emerging and growing markets.

We are asking for $5,000,000 in initial seed-round financing at 5.25%

Contact me for a term sheet.

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I can help you.

                        Need real estate financing to close the deal?

Hi Perry


My name is Reggie Truss. I am a referral agent with access to real lenders, both residential and commercial.  We are both members of the ………………….group.


Investors bring me in when………


  • They are looking to create a team of proficient loan brokers/referral agents and take their real estate investing (single family homes, commercial real estate, apartments, etc.) to new levels.


  • Loan approval results are not what they should be, or the financial source is not allowing the opportunities that are sought.


  • Investment strategies are not working the way it is supposed to.


  • They feel stuck in a rut and in need of fresh ideas and outside perspective-particularly around proactively acquiring new property.

 Perry, before I contact you for a term sheet, I need to know your FICO score and how much downpayment you are going to provide.  We make many loans and can't afford to waste time.  Hope to hear from you.

Best Regards


Reggie Truss




I'm prepared to fund your deal High Approval Rates And Flexible Repayment Plans Are Our Specialty; We Also Provide Credit Card Processing. We Provide Businesses With The Best In Transaction Processing Services. Our Competitive Pricing, Around-The-Clock 24/7 Customer & Technical Support, And Innovative Technology Sets The Industry Standard. Contact Me Directly At
(Mailto: And I Will Respond Immediately With Loan Terms And Application To Start Processing Your Loan Request.

Cell:325-261-0531 Fax: 844-723-8341


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