Seeking to fund two hotel projects! First position or equity participation with buyout.

I am looking for funding for two mid-level hotel projects that will be national flagged properties. Either a first position with strong above market rates or equity participation with a firm buyout. We are interested in any ideas or suggestions. Time is of the essence so if this might fit please respond quickly. Thanks,

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Hi Jim, our company a one stop shop for lending had a Hotel Lender and would like to talk to you about your project please respond with how to contact you or send me a e mail or call would be glad to help you with your finance request thank you best regards Jack Taromino/ Businesss Development Specialist/ Oxford Capital.

 Jack Taromino

 Business Development Specialist

 Oxford Capital

 The Powers Building

 16 West Main St., Suite 231

 Rochester, New York 14614


 Office- 888-863-2375

 Cell # -585-286-8720

This posting is 3 yrs old. If you have newer projects like to see if we can help.


Jim Flynn


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