Seeking to fund two hotel projects! First position or equity participation with buyout.

I am looking for funding for two mid-level hotel projects that will be national flagged properties. Either a first position with strong above market rates or equity participation with a firm buyout. We are interested in any ideas or suggestions. Time is of the essence so if this might fit please respond quickly. Thanks,

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David Lipp is operating a scam. I contacted David through this site. David has a business license and seemed to check out. After a few weeks of talk, David said I qualified for a loan. He stated that I needed $1953 in Origination Fees which had to be paid before the loan would fund. He had me wire the money to a woman in Florida. He stated that once the fees were paid, the loan would be funded within 24 hours. It came time for the loan to fund, David sent me a message stating that he went to the bank to do the transfer and the bank said I had to pay PPI Insurance on the loan before it would transfer. He stated that the amount I had to pay for insurance was $17,800. I refused to pay that ludicrous amount so he said he would pay half of it so I "Only had to pay $8900". I still said this is way too much. After a couple days David came back and said he had raised $15,000 towards my insurance. I said "Great! since you said I only had to pay $8900 of it, then we are good" David said no you have to pay the $17,800 but he would subtract the $15,000 so I had to come up with $2800. At this point, I told David that the fees are too high and I wanted to cancel the loan and refund my fees per our contract. David has since given me the run around and ignored my messages. When I confront him, he gets very nasty with me. He first told me I would get my refund in 24 hours. By the last time he promised the refund, he told me it would be 7 days. The 7th day was over last Weds and I still have not seen a refund. I track all of my correspondence and he has read all of my messages but fails to respond. I have researched David Lipp and found many names and businesses associated with him. 

The following is a list of businesses associated with David Lipp:  David & David, LLC, David Lipp, LLC, Grubb & Ellis, 4741 Charleston Aquisitions, LLC, Ventura Desert, LLC, Roc 1, LLC, Vegas Valley Partners, LLC, VVP Gibson, LLC, VVP Olsen, LLC, Swecker & Lipp Tenaya Azure, LLC (property), Gibson Land, LLC, Annallen, LLC, Beesley, LLC, Benjamin Millis, LLC, Lambeau, LLC, Millis Nellis LLC, Tenaya Partners LLC, VVP Ann LLC, Integrated Financial Associates, Millis Properties LLC, Olsen Land Development LLC, Prudent Ventures LLC, Milton West LLC, Swecker & Company. These companies have been found to be directly related to David Lipp. There are also another 30 or so companies potentially connected. 

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I have approximately 200 pages of evidence regarding the fraud committed by David Lipp. I have reported David Lipp to the BBB and submitted my evidence. My lawyer is also drawing up paperwork against Mr Lipp and any associates. Be wary of any of his associates as some appear to have direct knowledge of David Lipps scam and some of these names are potentially Mr Lipps other names. 

Yes, I was naive and was scammed by 2 individuals from this board. I did check business licenses and such. Hopefully, this will help others not to be scammed by these people. 

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We are looking for Mix Use and Green Developers with $22M+ Projects.

The right developer would be:

-Developer who has built at least 3 development Projects of or about $22M+.
- Developer would be open to adding Green technologies and or long term job creators ( Restaurants, Malls, Shopping Centers, ect.) to his project. 
- Developer would have CASH reserves of AT LEAST 5%.

We Offer:

-First Draw within 35 Days of project acceptance and money transfer into NON depleting escrow Account.
-Up to 94% Financing 
-Funding for both land acquisition and development.
-World Wide Funding of $22M+ Projects. 

Respectfully Yours,
Jonathan Casillas

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Hi Jim,

Good day to you, my name is Francisco i am a consultant, i know sources of Funders based in the US. I would like to help you find the right funding for your project or a joint venture funding. Please respond to this email at

Sincerely,Francisco Mancera

SV Capital Realty


Jim Hollenback,

 Good morning Marvin Benjamin Here!   I work with a direct Equity Lender that also JV

with Clients once they have experiance.   This Lender can Fund or JV with you in a little as 10 to 15 days

after all Documents are received.   This lender charge NO UPFRONT FEES and can show proof of recent

projects funded in 2016.  If your interested Please email myself an Executive Summary On

your propject or projects your seeking funding or JV partnership on along with your contact information

directly to  I will await your reply.



Marvin Benjamin


What State? Call me 877-570-5594

Hello Jim,

If need be I'll sign a NDA to have a look at the executive summary. Im sure that the appraisal,phase 1 Environmentals' are included. Please email me or or 866-226-9461



Can you send executive summary for review to

Thanks for your time

Hi Jim, our company a one stop shop for lending had a Hotel Lender and would like to talk to you about your project please respond with how to contact you or send me a e mail or call would be glad to help you with your finance request thank you best regards Jack Taromino/ Businesss Development Specialist/ Oxford Capital.

 Jack Taromino

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