Our client has property assets of $10-15M and want to secure proof-of-funds support of $5M cash max. This arrangement will be for 5-6 months maximum as well. If you can provide such funds, please send your email with contact telephone, DIRECT to: dewoodman3900@gmail.com 

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Hello Regional Realty Services,

This is loan contract will can fund so let us know if you are still interested in funding?

You can contact us @



Looking forward to work with you.


I will be able to assist with funding. contact me; kuthurt80@gmail.com

Kut Hurt. 

No upfront fees. 

We currently offer good programs such as Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Cash Out Refinance, Bridge Financing and others. We offer good rates and terms, with an interest only payment option. Do you have a deal under contract? Do you have a deal that needs a different structure? Why not contact us today with your financing needs, and we will definitely work hard to structure a loan for you.

Please read more about us on our website.

Website: www.solidfinancellc.com Email: info@solidfinancellc.com


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