I've been an RE investor specializing in Flipping for 5-6 years.

I love what i do! I'm good at what i do! I know how to buy! I know who to buy from! I know what areas to buy!

I've got a great renovation crew! I am very good at marketing and I've got a great RE agent team.

I am short on investment capital. I am willing to provide a flat 15-20% ROI on a deal by deal basis.

Why so much? Because the math works.


Purchase Price: $200k

Rehab budget:  $50k

Total Capital Investment:$250k

After repair value/resale: $369k

Investor 20% ROI: $50k

My profit:  $69k less cost of transaction

The Math Works! Right!

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Hello Dalston, 

Great post and congrats for you.  I finance numerous flippers and it's definitely a good investment when the flipper has everything "ironed out" and streamlined such as yourself. 

What city and state do you do this in?  I only lend in California and don't lend on ARV, just LTV.  But, liked your post so much wanted to ask to see if I could get you a solid referral. 

Best, Forest

Owner/Broker - The Guy in the White Hat

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

Hello Forest,

Thank you for that!. I operate in New York City (very Hot right now) and South Florida.


Sure Dalston, 

NY hot, don't believe it!  Okay, I only have one referral and hopefully he can assist you:

John Flores of Citation Financial Inc: (925) 683-1094

Good luck!

Best, Forest

Thanks forest,

But please understand i am not referring to New York State. New York City. And as you know real estate is like politics, its all local. And yes it is HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stand by that.

thanks again and wish you the best.

Dalston - Sounds like you have most everything in place that you need!

We might be able to assist on the finance side of things - We can provide Secured and Unsecured financing options with credit scores from 550 to 680 depending on the program you choose.

You can request additional information either online or email me personally!

Our online 24hr approval portal is LegacyFinanceNeeds

Linda King, Owner
Legacy Asset Solutions
407-340-2319 cell EDT


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