Seeking Accredited Investors for waterfront residential investment property project.  Excellent project w/great potential ROI. Thank you for your interest, but we are not seeking any private or hard  money loans.

Call for details: 909-480-8425

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Hi Yvette S. Stevens :

May we have your email address for our investor/funder in USA to contact you directly ?

Our contact email :

David Lee

Hi David,

Thank you for your response. We are seeking accredited and/or sophisticated investors for this project. If you are able to assist us, it is greatly appreciated. My email address is:

Send me details to I might be able to help you.

Good day Samuel,

Thanx for your reply. We are seeking Accredited and/or sophisticated investors for our project. We are not in need of any private or hard money loans. If you are able to assist us, it would be great. I look forward to your response.

I have investors for this type of project but I need you to send more information.

Great, pls let me know when you could be available to speak. You can text me at the number provided in the posting. Thx

Below is my direct Private Lender and below is an overview of their
lending program:

Here is my lenders overview:

*Loan size:$350,000-$20MM+
*Collateral Location:Nationwide(Focus is in NY,FL,NJ,CT and PA
*Collateral Types:All RE considered
*Security:1st Mortgage Lien
*Loan to Value:Up to 65%
*Exit Fee:None
*Interest Rate:Starting @8.99%
*Amoritization:Interest Only
*Recourse-Generally required
*Origination Fee:1%
*Funding in 1-2 weeks

 The specific collateral we would lend against is non-owner occupied
residential and for commercial it’s retail, offices, flagged hotels,
multi-family and mixed-use. We also consider land and ground-up
construction deals when they are located within a major market.

The specific information we need in order to properly consider a deal
is the following:

What is the address and description of the asset to be used as collateral?
How much does the borrower need to borrow and what will it be used for?
How will our loan be paid back?
How come a bridge loan is needed versus a conventional loan?
Is the asset owner occupied?
If the deal is an acquisition, is the purchase in contract and for how much?
If there is an existing appraisal, please share it
If the asset is rented, what is the occupancy or vacancy rate?
If there is an operating memo or income/expense statement, please share it

Don Carter
Facilitator to Lender

Thanx Don for your response.We are seeking accredited and/or sophisticated investors only. We do not need any hard/private money financing at present.

NEPCO, INC is a ‘relationship first’ private worldwide commercial lender offering financing for our clients and their businesses. We offer global funding for AGRICULTURE, COMMODITIES, ENERGY, REAL ESTATE, MINING and BUSINESS PROJECTS. $10 million – no limit on asset based funding, smaller transactions (case by case) Excellent rate and terms!

o Mid-Market Asset Based Funding - Revenues $3 million-$100 million; Capital up to $50 million; accounts receivable, raw/finished inventory and machinery & equipment; Private or public; service business, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade and distributor businesses in all industries.

o Business Financing $200 thousand to $5 million; Low credit scores.
Funding worldwide - all regions
Process is simple, quick and fully transparent
Quick funding as little as 72 hours

We like Resorts, Hotel, Hospitality, Mixed Use Developments, Industrial, Shopping Centers, Malls, Retail, Office, Apartments, Assisted living, Healthcare, Student Housing, Self-storage, Manufacturing, Transportation, Acquisition/Construction Capital Restructure, Farm/Agriculture, Energy, Mining & Commodities, CANNABIS
All others on a case by case basis.

We will need:
 NDA & Project summary questionnaire (Provided)
 Business Plan or Executive Summary
 Actual or Pro Forman income statement 3 -5 years
 Balance Sheet/Financial Statement/Cash Flow/P & L with YTD less than 90 days old (if applicable)
 Copy of Appraisal or other valuation (if available)
 Expanded Resumes of all principals
 Line Item Detailed Use of Funds for short-term and long-term projections
 Exit strategy
 Credit report (US projects)
 Financial statement-Personal/Corporate.

Ron Coleman, PRESIDENT

NEPCO, INC – WORLDWIDE LENDING FOR PROJECTS AND ASSETS IN Energy, Commodities, Mining, Real Estate and Business Project Funding! (770)-572-7765-ofc; (770) 807-0346-fax; Email:

Hello, if you still interested in funding this is what i can make happen for you. 

You can contact me directly in the info below so we can discuss how best to move forward with this deal. 


Mr Guilermo Munoz 

Have you been searching for a loan without success and wasted lots of time????

Seeking cash to expand your business and open one????

Do you have clients and relations that need funding????

Are you looking to expand your business or have your own dream business???

Contact me today and get funded without delay.

As per the loan we lend at a rate of 5% with no prepayment penalty.

Borrower must be above 18 years of age with a good job and salary.

I lend a minimum of $50,000 and a maximum of $5,000,000 for individuals and $20,000,000 for companies.

I give out both secured and unsecured loans for a duration up to 20 years.

I have been lending for over 20 years now and will like you to please send down the following so we can wire the loan application form to
you and proceed.

You can also make reference to your friends, clients for brokers and family who wants to finance any kind of project to contact me.

Please see attached documents for more info and have the loan application filled and submitted immediately to proceed.


William Matos.


Hello,  would love to create a good business relationship doing more deals together in future due to your post for a loan under realestatefinance.ning this is what i can make happen for you if you are still interested or seeking in funding?

You can contact me below so we can discuss how best we can move forward with your deal.


Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks
Best Regards


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