I am a first time home buyer and I am self-employed. I am looking for a long term mortgage for a single family home. Looking to borrow 50-60% of home value. My goal is to purchase a home so I can build equity in something for myself instead of continuing to pay rent.thanks, Kevin

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Maybe interested in this,

please email me the loan amount and location of the purchase, and i will direct you from there. 

Kathleen Smith

Harbour Equity Partners
Private Client Services, LLC

Admin Assist.  | Private Banking and Client Services

NY Office    631-757-9700

Fax.              631-991-9142
Email.    Info@SuperJumboLoans.Info     

Hello Kevin, 

Where is the property located?  I am a licensed California Hard Money Lender, having done business since 1988 and we are family owned and operated. 

We do many self employed and owner occupied/principal residence purchases.  Give me a call at 707-523-2099 if it's within California!

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate 


Dang, sorry can't help this time. 

Best of luck to you!

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat

Hello, I saw your loan request on realestatefinance.com,it will be processed within 1-2weeks only at an affordable interest rate,at no upfront fees,write now on james.f6525@gmail.com,thanks as I await your prompt response, James

Contact me for standard private loan offer with good terms.



Howard Linker


My name is Lee, I can help you get funded. Contact us via the company website for more info.

E-mail=  ptlee452@gmail.com



Hello Kevin Ewing,

I'm honored to be connected to you Via Real Estate Finance.

I'm John J. Carlson, I work with JC Private Lending Company, We offer loans to private Individuals, firms, co-operate bodies, Business Start up ETC. We are a certified and registered Loan firm.

Are you looking for loans for any purpose ?? We sure can help. Kindly mail me now for more information with the loan application form.

John Carlson
Email: johncarlson012@gmail.com


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