Seeking funding for large Multifamily property in Nevada

My name is Alex Robins. I have a client here in Nevada that would like to refinance a large multifamily complex. Property value should come in around $8,200,000 and they currently owe $1.96 million. They would like a loan for 50% loan to value which would be $4,100,000. 

Normally this would make for a very easy loan. The problem I have is that I have 2 years experience and have no lender contacts that will loan above $3,000,000. I am looking for a lender that would like to finance this loan for my client. By lender I mean an actual direct funder. I have documentation ready to go and a very realistic client that just needs to complete this by January 15. If you are a lender whose company has their own money, please message me. The client is very cooperative and if I do not already have what you need, I can easily get it for you.


Alex Robbins

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Hey Alex, Connect with me at and I will share a few lenders with you. We are hard money and 1 to 4 unit so just not our space.

Hi Alex.

I send you a PM. I am a broker but I messaged you 2 lenders that would be happy to take care of this transaction for you.

Best of luck!

Gina Henson

Hi Chad Davis and Gina Henson. I would like to thank you both for your responses. Gina, I appreciate you sending me that information. I have reached out to Athas like you suggested and we have a conference call scheduled for later this afternoon.

Hope you both have a great afternoon!

Alex Robbins

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Greetings to you.
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Incorporation Date: 26-Nov-1997

Have you secured funding for this?



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Incorporation Date: 26-Nov-1997


Hi I just closed one for my client at 3.250% fixed for 10 years and then it converts to an ARM call me to discuss. 626-201-0125 


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