Seeking Equity Partners or Angel Investors - Silicon Valley Commercial Real Estate

We are a Silicon Valley commercial real estate investment firm located in Palo Alto, California with 20+ years in the market. We currently have value added office & retail projects that range form $5M to $50M in our pipeline, several with tenants in tow. Please contact my office at

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We offer non-recourse bridge/mezzanine loan products up to a max of  90% LTV for value added projects. If you are interested give me a call or e-mail. Please visit our website to see the types of financing options we can offer. Look forward to hearing from you.

John Setser

Setser Capital Solutions

p: 419-520-9566

Thanks John, I will check your site out and give you a call.

Thanks Ranil, I will contact you.

Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, a private investment bank with an active real estate finance division. Contact me for your funding needs.

Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670


I am looking for off-market MFH in the Los Angeles or Las Vegas areas ABC rated 20+ units or more.  Do you have any that you are looking to sell??  Let me know as I am direct to buyer (looking for like on the seller side).  Thanks!  I need specific info to make decisions (exact address, asking price, and proforma).  Don't contact if you can't provide at least that; thanks!

My commercial Lender called me earlier this week.  He has $18mm that he needs to get out this month.  Are you looking for Equity funds only or will you consider debt funds?

- 65% LTV on cash flowing properties (exceptions for great deals). 
- 60% LTV on all non cash-flowing properties (raw land may be an exception). 
- Min. loan amount $1.5 M, max. loan amount $10 M. 
- Terms range from 3 months to 18 months with extension available. 
- Can fund with-in a 7 to 14 day period. 
- Purchases, refinances, construction, rehab, cash-out, etc
- Asset based

Fill out a Loan Summary Sheet.

or email me

Hi Ed,

Great JV Team in place.

Hard Money Mike 443-838-9563 fishermike50@gmail

Ft. Myers FL. Since 1971. JUST LIVING THE DREAM!


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