Seeking 100% funding $2 million for (new construction) resident assisted living facility

Hello,  We want to build a new high-end residential assisted living facility on an acreage, city west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have few acreages of land we are looking at and working with a CPA to prepare the budgets and projections for building assisted living/memory care facilities.  More information can be shared but please serious inquiry only.

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Send details of the deal to my email address

Send me a executive summary of your project, main principle resume and proforma to

Not sure but interested enough and  would  read the information

We are willing and ready to fund projects from $1-$500million and also offering 1% referral fee for every deals completed through your referals.So send us as many as projects you have available and let us fund them accordingly.We fund projects/give loans within a period of 7 to 10 working days.Email me at (

Hi  Tai Pan:

Please visit USA ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation for your related funding application directly :


David Lee

I have two funding sources who may look at this request.  But, are you sure you don't have any money for closing costs too?  Could part of this project be collateralize or monetized?
100% LTV is a tough matter, but still no harm in trying, if you're prepared for good application presentation.
But have to wait till mid June.  Now I'm in India got stuck with Covid19 lock-down.  Once the flights starts I'll reach back Toronto and attend to this request.  May be by mid June 2020. 
If interested please get in touch   and copy  to 
With best wishes, 
Archie David


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