I am looking for seed funding.

I have an opportunity in the property industry here in South Africa on the South Western Cape coast.

I am looking for a lender.


The banks have recently liquidated a construction development type of company.

The company was busy with a security estate property development


The deal value is R6’500’000 (six million five hundred thousand rand).

There is a further development costs of R9’500’000 (nine million five hundred thousand rand).

This is 35502 m² of vacant land in the form of three separate title deeds.

The preliminary research and costing for the acquisition and development has already been completed.

We are just waiting for approval for the subdivisions.

The liquidators are looking for an unconditional offer of R6’500’000, as they want to put this thing to bed as fast as possible.

Please let me know if you are interested.

I am prepared to offer 7.5% on the outstanding balance, over the next five years.

I have put together a spreadsheet with the break down of how this can work.

At present the rand / dollar exchange rate is at a very low.

I have my concerns that it would be impossible to repatriate the entire loan amount after completion.

So in order for this to work well and for me to secure your funds properly,

I have had to divide this whole venture into two parts that will run simultaneously.


1st The development………………… 12.5 %

2nd The Security………………………. 87.5 %


I want to borrow  $ 1’250’000 USD for the property development.

That means I would need a further $8’750’000 USD for the security.

So in total I am looking for a loan of $ 10’000’000 (ten million dollars)


If this is for you, and you think it is lucrative enough, then I would like to hear from you.

I think this is a very good deal that can benifit the both of us

I look forward to hearing from you.



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Dear  Andy 

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Hi Stuart

Thanks for getting back to me.

This is the kind of funding that I am interested in.

Unfortunately this project has since been sold to someone else.

I am at present looking for the next venture and will definitely keep you in mind.

Thanks again

Kind regards Andy


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