99% of posts on "Request A Loan" are from annoying mortgage brokers that just spam the page instead of keeping it as a page just for those that are in need of funding. Since nobody cares about others or rules of this website... IF YOU POST FUNDING ADVERTISEMENTS/SPAM ON THIS PAGE AFTER 4/26/2024 AS A NEW POST YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY DELETED FROM THE REAL ESTATE FINANCE WEBSITE. 

Posting on a website is pretty simple. You look at the page title and post something that follows the topic. If a page is called REQUEST A LOAN then please make a post here to explain your funding needs and ask for assistance. If you spam a page called REQUEST A LOAN with you loan ads, you will be immediately banned from this website, permanently. 

Anyone in need of funding whether it is an Investor, Realtor, or Mortgage Broker can make your request on the REQUEST A LOAN page. If you aren't requesting a loan then you can reply to posts from others that need funding, but you cannot start a new post just to spam your funding to everyone else. There are about a dozen other pages on this website where you can absolutely do that any time you want, just not on this page.

I am trying to clean up this website and make it easier to navigate and use for those that actually need real estate funding since that is how we all get paid. If this is a problem for anyone, try a different website.


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Appreciate what you are doing to clean up this feature. I do need funding right now and seeing the message you just sent out makes me smile. Good to see that you care about the experiences of others on your website.


Happy to do so. It was long overdue. If you have any difficulty just send me a DM. This is a great site but sometimes, just like in our own society, a few careless people make things tough on the others. My goal is for you and anyone else in need of funding to have your own go-to page to make your request any time you like.


If only more website admins would follow suit, there’d be a few less than the 4.74 million daily “we buy motorcycles” ads posted to the Cr*iglist Wanted section…


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