I have 3 residential investment properties. They are all buy and hold, with renters. I am interested in venturing into the "fix n flip" side of the business. I am going to be looking for properties in the $150k to $250k range and I am willing to put up to 15% downpayment for the right property. 

Are there any DIRECT LENDERS that would be interested in providing funding with me putting in no more than 15% down? My credit score is around 630 but since I am looking for hard money, that should not matter.

I am only interested in Direct Lenders.


Robert Boyd

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Robert, if you do about at least 200K, and 20% down we can do business, we don't BS around, plus no upfront fees. Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss

I have several options for you in this area in the "Fix N Flip" business. You will have to have skin in the game but you may be able to greatly leverage up to five (5) times your initial investment and we are not really score driven. Some will go down to a 520. Rates are going to be in the area of 5%-7.5% and terms will be amortized over 20-30 years but due in 6-18 months.

I currently work for Bayard Business Capital and Consulting, Inc.. We are composed of a group of 10 loan officers that come from varied backgrounds, i.e., residential and commercial lending, private equity, sales and marketing and our founder is currently the owner of a small bank.

I personally have over 25+ years of banking and lending experience. Please email or give me a call at 573-225-1841 to discuss further.

As always, we do not charge up front fees.

Baxter R. Hoover

Sr. Loan Officer

Mobile: (573)450-0838

Hi Robert,

We offer 100% LTV for Fix/Flip nationwide. No upfront fees. Contact us for details. Thank you.

All the Best,

uFund Capital




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