I,m Real estate sales representative in Greater Toronto area in, in ON. Canada. I will need Financing to Buy, Renovate and Flip The property. Can you fund 100% of purchase and renovations. for a short term 6month to 1 Year. If yes send me the quote at  rubyjassal@rogers.com

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Please call Sam Thomas at Paramount Financial Partners (515) 554-5541

Hi Kenneth Wood.

Do you have any specific requirements to qualify for a Loan. what Interest rates and term of the loan are we looking at. If you have a specific application for the loans, can you email to me with all the information required.

Up to what maximum limit can you do financing for different kind of projects.

Please advise me at rubyjassal@rogers.com

what is the price we can help if you have a % to use as a reserve

Ruby is the property located in Canada or the US?


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