I am interested in buying a property in Oklahoma City. The price is $129,000. Property is in pretty good condition with only minor cosmetic rehab needed, which I will pay for out of pocket. 

I can put 20% down on this property and I am looking for a 30 year fixed loan. My credit is in the mid-600's right now. I normally purchase and rehab properties for a quick flip. I have done one this year and a total of 4 over the last 3 years so I would say I am an experienced Investor. This particular property is in a good area and is currently occupied by a renter with a monthly lease of $1100 a month so I would like to switch gears and keep this one long term.

Who can help me? Please provide LTV, fees here.

Thanks everyone.

Pete Muller

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Hi Peter.

I can help you finance this property! I just sent you a PM with my current loan parameters. I would love to hear back from you.


On a 30yr fixed loan, the highest LTV your going to get is 75% LTV.

Contact me for more information 


+1 6618294055

Hello please contact me on tomaswood@mail.com  i am a mortgage broker, i can be of help 


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