Real Estate Investors, Business Owners: We have funds you need to succeed!

We offer a credit card funding program that can be delivered as early as 10 days. This isn’t your normal apply-for-credit-and-get-a-few-thousand-dollars; we are talking about $20,000 to $250,000 in revolving credit lines that are secured by absolutely nothing but your personal credit.

Why Credit Cards?

Pay invoices, contractors, service providers, and materials wherever credit cards are excepted. This frees up your cash.

NO income documentation is required. That’s right, ALL STATED INCOME. No Paystubs, Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc. Credit cards are completely unsecured. No securing with a house or a car. Make purchases without risk of repossession.

We can fund a client with a 680 credit score – lower if there is military affiliation.

Lines are approved off Personal credit ONLY – no business credit or real estate value required.

Monthly payments are much lower than installment loan payments. Typically, 2% of the total balance. Example: $100,000 balance = $2,000 per month.

No Term or Payoff Due Date. Make the minimum payments for as long as you need.

Many banks offer 0% APR for 12-18 months.

Funds may be used for anything!

Contact us today for a Free No Obligation Funding Estimate.

(888) 845-4832

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