I have properties in all 50 states from residential, single-family homes and apartment buildings, condos, townhouses, storage and gas stations. I also have many malls, all types of different stores, office buildings, and hotels of all sizes, as well as trailer parks.

We have many building projects. And we have many good investments that would make good money.  Contact me to let me know what you are looking for. If you are a broker and/or an agent or representative that has a buyer, you would need to prove to me your buyer is real. I have too many people bringing me buyers and they have no money to buy. Contact me so we can talk and possibly move forward.

Please contact Jesus for information at the number below.

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We buy quite a bit of product in metro Atlanta and will be looking at other markets in 2016.  We only do shared housing so prefer nothing smaller than a 3/2 and usually with a basement.  We JV with frontend and backend JV partners.  Our model is unique and our frontenders are secured on title with us and earn 20% per deal....backenders earn 3% to 7% with a $500 minimum.  Happy to network!


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