Forman Criteria:

Investment Size: $2MM-$50MM,

Locations: Primary and secondary markets nationwide

Property Types Up to 85% LTV: Hospitality, retail, multifamily, condominiums, industrial, office, warehouse, assisted living facilities, vacant commercial properties, resolve trouble loans, discounted note payoffs, foreclosures, debtor in possession (DIP), blanket loans and alternative assets considered on a case by case basis.

Land & Construction (Select Markets): Typically 50% - 65% LTC

Pricing: varies, depending on transaction characteristics

Term: 1-3 years, plus extension options and 5 years on a case by case basis

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Can I get your email address to send my Bio, Executive Summary, cover letter and a 1314 property REO deal I have a $5M LOI on, with BPO values at $15M. Send to, Thanks Randy Hinkle


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