Latest projects in and around Sacramento, California......1. Two houses on 3/4 acre need

$240,000,. 2....11 units mixed multi-family I need to borrow $565,000. anyone out there ?? 

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email the details to me, 



Kathleen Smith

Harbour Equity Partners
Private Client Services, LLC

Admin Assist.  | Private Banking and Client Services


Additional details on our websites at: - -

NY Office    631-757-9700

Fax.              631-991-9142
Email.    Info@SuperJumboLoans.Info     

Hi Ted, 

I am a licensed Broker who has offered Hard Money loans throughout California for over 27 years now. I can finance max up to 75% of the purchase value so if you have existing equity or down payment to work with, give me a call at my office 707-523-2099 and I should be able to assist you!

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

Thanks Forrest I am at 53% ltv on most will contact


That's great LTV Ted.  Can assist in getting better rates. 

Myself and my son, Ken, who is also a loan originator stand ready to help.  707-523-2099. 

Best, Forest - The Guy in the White Hat

Thanks you so much Forrest will call you tomorrow


TAMCO Capital can provide funding your commercial deals between $75,000 to $350,000. Small apartments, Mixed Use, Retail, Office, Warehouse, Hotel/Motel, Recreation, Daycare, Hair Salon, Auto Body, Funeral Home, Church, Self Storage, Convenience and more. Close in 2-3 weeks. 60% LTV, Credit scores from 475. No Seasoning or Penalty for Early Payoff.

Larger deals from $2MM to $25MM considered case-by-case by our senior analysts.
Click on this link to access the online Fix and Flip Questionnaire from our secure server. You will need to input Rene Beverly as your referral source and her email address is Once you complete and submit the questionnaire, you can expect a call from John McEwan in 24-48 hours who will provide you with the paperwork that you can download to your computer and move forward.


For more information about the Fix and Flip program, click here.

Best regards,


My name is Nick, I am a private lender and we have very flexible terms. Give me a call to discuss your projects. (310)480-4447 or



Contact me for standard private loan offer with good terms.



I sent you a message yesterday, not sure if you received it, however I have very flexible terms and can fund quickly, give me a call (310)480-4447 or email



Daniel I like what I see can you contact me at ( and/or (916)678-2519


If the numbers are right I can get this funded for you quickly. This post has been here for a minute so maybe you need to give me a call.

Nick (310)480-4447 or

FLIP PROPERTY with NO credit and NO monthly payments

If you are seeking funding for quick turn, wholesale deals,please visit our website and

our excellent Flip Property with No Credit    option.

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