Private money real estate loans - $250k to $20,000,000

Private money real estate loans - $250k to $20,000,000

ALL "TRUST DEED" STATES. (If you are in a mortgage state I may be able to refer you to another funder.)

I am a direct liaison to a private lender.

100% in house for capital, underwriting and servicing.

Been in real estate financing for 30+ years. No BS. No false promises. Just clear, direct assessment and answers.

Every deal is different.

Send an outline and I'll get back to you with what can be done. If it makes sense, I put you in direct contact with the lender..

They perform where others fall short:

• The Turbo Close: 4 to 6 Business Day Close (need your ducks in a row for this)
• Borrowers: Irrevocable Trusts, Self-Directed Retirement Accounts, Foreign Nationals, Individuals, Entities, Power of Attorney
• Hairy Deals: Churches, Gentlemen’s Clubs, Cannabis Properties, Probates, Non-conforming properties, Non-warrantable condos, Hospitality, Gas Stations, Senior Care Facilities, Properties with Code Violations / Abatements, Non-Profits
• Loan Structure: Multi-State Loans, Cross-Collateralization, Interest-Reserves, Purchases & Refinances, Owner-Occupied Cash-Out
• Hairier Deals: Forbearance Agreements, Notice of Defaults, Foreclosure Bailouts, Properties in Receivership, Non-Recourse
• Term: 3 months interest-only to 20 years fully-amortized
• Properties in Receivership
• SBA 504: SBA-Approved Lender
• Loan Amounts: $250K to $20MM

Minimum loan amount $400k west of Nevada.

High loan to values will not fit this lender.

David Kindopp

(e-mail proposal gets best response)


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