Private Money available for Fix and Flipx/ construction projects in New England

I have a private local lender looking to deploy funds in New England and Florida. The loan is not credit driven it is purely based on the deal/asset/collateral.  The loan amount is 100,000 - $5 Million.  Closing is normally in 10 days or less so they move very fast.  Contact me asap if this program will help you close more deals today.

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I'm looking for a loan for a home that needs Rehabbing. I want to get a ARV loan with 100% Financing. Meaning that i would like to get the loan on the home with out paying anything out of my pocket until the home is Rehabbed and sold. I would like to get the loan for 1 year and if i pay the loan early there would be no penalties on the loan. Can you help me and i hope there is no fee's. I just gave some one from this site money and i have not received my loan. I lost all my money. So i called my police station and they are looking into it. The price on the home is $70000 and the Rehab is $45000
Thank You for your Reply.
Carlos Rivera Jr

Can you please send me all the information you have on

your loans please.

Thank you.

Carlos Rivera

What is your e-mail id ?

Yes please send me more information on your Fix and Flip loans, Terms of months and interests on a $105,000 loan. If you are asking me to give any money or fee for just transferring the loan to my Bank then no it does not work that way and i no it so PLEASE i just want someone to be fare and honest  to me i just got Scammed from someone on this site. So please I'm not trying to be a mean person but my money means alot to my Family who is trying to make a living in this Business. I hope you can understand this. 


Carlos Rivera

I am seeing these scams from many lenders on this site.

Did you figure out a way to separate scammers from real lenders ?



No its hard I wish I could, but  I guess them people will never change and i will never give up trying to make my and familys dreams come true. So sooner or later I will fine someone that will true me and I them.

But I thank you for your Response. 


I am putting bid in tomorrow March 17th on a house for $75,000, it is listed now at $138,000 but not worth that in present condition. I will need min $50,000 for renovations. Looking for at least $150,000 and max $175,000 to cover this deal if accepted. Title will be held in escrow, insurance will have your name as beneficiary. Going to flip for listing of $199,000 starting price. Would like the loan for min 6 month with option to extend. Payments interest only for the 6 months. Can put together a sell sheet if you are interested.




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