Private lender/Hard money lender. We will connect you to them.

Let me rant for a while. I have been here for quite sometime now, testing the waters, observing discussions, and I have contacted guys here that are actually not good_____ (leave comment here, you know what i mean).I don't mean to be rude or to throw mud on other people's business but please do it elsewhere. I have also met lots of good persons here that are actually doing good business.

I have a network of Lenders specifically Private/Hard money lenders, around 50 of them on which I do constant transaction with them every now and then. Most of them or rather a huge percentage of those lenders are aggressive when it comes to funding, they have the crave to those bigger deals (1 million and up). Whatever is your scenario is give us time to work on it possibly a week and we can find you the correct lender for you on ALL TYPES of loans ( we only deal within the US but if there is a bigger opportunity outside of the US we might consider). 

Please take note that me and my lenders DO NOT TRANSACT USING PAYPAL , we DO NOT NEED YOUR BANK PASSWORD,and we DO NOT CHARGE THE UPFRONT FEE/ADVANCE PAYMENT type that you commonly see.

We specialize in bigger loans ranging from 500,000 and up (there will be no maximum, as such we are continually increasing our network of lenders week per week thus increasing the amount possible).

but on a more common basis here is what we usually do

Small Commercial Loans from $150,000 to $1 Million
Commercial Loans from $1 Million to $30 Million
Multifamily Loans from $800,000 to $30 Million
Bridge Loan $1,000,000 -$10 Million
Hard Money $1,000,000 -$40 Million
LTV are usually in the range of 60 to 75%
Take note please do not go below 125,000 it will be a lot harder for us to find a legit lender that can loan you on that amount. In some cases we will try to a max of 5 days in finding you that loan.
We will accept the challenge.
If you have a scenario tell it to me, if we have an almost similar deal before then expect a fast transaction.

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Hello,how do I get in contact with you.

send email to i need 125,000.00 to buy realestate land and houses? what are the details to get a loan?615credit score ,no collateral, can get ins.if need be

3474349899 here is my number feel free to call. Can you please accept my friend request? I am trying to build good connections here. Lasting ones.

Contact me on this email

dear sir can i borrow125grand to buy land on klandwatch and houses too resell it for 30yrs? 615credit scores? no collateral, can you help me?vancehuntervance@yahoo.comletmeknow?

i need aloan of 125grand to buy realestate and resellit can u help me? anycollateral or fees?

Please contact me at so I can obtain more information.

David A. Sims


I have a project 100 units, I'm looking for a lender to help with  CC, or the equity portion, also open to a short-term JV. I made this contact specifically because of you're no upfront fee or other nuisance costs most on here have that I simply don't agree with, my LOI will be sent in tomorrow, I would like to have something in place immediately.




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