We have private funding/financing in place to fund projects outside of the U.S.A. The funding request must be for $10M and above. And the loan request must be in U.S.D. We only work with PRINCIPALS ONLY NO MIDDLE MEN. Contact me Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Commercial Funding  Placement Credit Repair Real Estate Consultant Office 281-599-9954 Cell 281-704-0115

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Dear Mr. Edward Tuggle,          

Trust this email finds you well.

We are two sister companies, the Arab Orient Marketing Consultancy, which is specialized in a number of activities including the Arrangement and Management of Finance, Funding, Joint Ventures, Partnerships, Investments…etc.  The other economic entity is the Tarsheed Trading LLC, which is energy saving and renewable energies technologies provision company. Both companies are based in the UAE. We are three partners including a VIP from the UAE to fast forward executing all formalities required.

We have in hand a portfolio of varied projects that need to get in Joint Ventures, Investments, Capital Raising, Financing, Funding or Partnerships. The aforesaid projects are in the UAE, other Arabian Gulf States, Iraq including the safe Home Ruled Kurdistan Region, Egypt, Vietnam, Brazil, the USA, Spain and a number of African countries.  The projects represent varied sectors including industry, manufacturing, technology, infrastructure, energy, public transport, health, education, sport, entertainment, renewable energy, banking…etc.

Thanks to our business ties in the UAE and other countries, we have been approached by a number of project owners and businessmen to find them Financiers, Capital Providers, Joint Venture Partners or Investors for their high-profiled projects. By the way, we have already signed mutual agreements with a number of financial organizations and have recently started procedural operations required, but we need to diversify our portfolio in this aspect.

Consequently, I would very much like to know whether we can explore horizons of joint cooperation and open up bilateral business channels with your esteemed organization to execute these projects. It is worth mentioning that we directly deal with the projects owners and decision makers, i.e. we do not handle the aforesaid projects via a series of brokers or mediators. This would indisputably make ends meet promptly and more transparently.  In closing, I can 100% assure our fully-preparedness to start processing anytime; Just Let Us Know.  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm regards,

Nashwan Mahmood Abed Managing Director / Partner Tel: +971 4 2149896 Fax: +971 4 2149501 Mobile phones: 00971 55 6006385, 00971 50 5440205 Skype ID: dubai1966

Important Note: the biggest private bank in Iraq has recently approached us to assist them find out a financial company support in raising their capital, can you also work this out? Additionally, we have two Urgent requests, one for a Waste Recycling Management Project and the other for a Pharmaceutical Plant in Iraq’s Kurdistan. 

Dear Mr.Mahmoodf

Likewise I to hope this message finds you well. The underwriters that I am working  with are seeking energy projects that are in need of financing/funding  they are looking to working principals only they will not work with any middle men at all so if you are the principals or one of the principals that are seeking financing/funding for your projects I would for sure like to talk more with you about your funding needs. The funding request if it is outside of the U.S.A. Must be for $10M and above  if the project is a fit for  our underwriters  they are able to do projects up to and and  beyond $500M I would like you to call my office and talk  with me about it if all goes well I have some paperwork that I will need you to fill out after I have spoken to you. After my interview with you I will send you the information that I will need from you and I will froward that to the funding source and they will contact you shortly to talk with you about your project. However I can not do anything at this point until I have spoken with you.We/I am not working as a loan broker we have DIRECT ACCESS to the funding source.

Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Commercial Financing Private Placement Credit Repair Real Estate Consultant Office 281-599-9954

Dear Mr. Edward,

        I was very clear that we only deal with the project owners and decision makers and you said that you only deal with the principals. At the same time, you asked me to call you, does that mean you are ready to deal with us and open up business channels with our organization?


Please revert.

Warmest regards,


The project is real estate based in New Zealand, hospitality and education operated, requires about USD150m repays in 6 years. Cash flow positive from day 1, experienced management in place and ready to fire. Would like to get funded before Christmas (this year!) (2012) Thanks, Eric

Hi Eric

I don't think that your project will fund that fast however I would like you to call my office si we can talk more about your funding needs.

Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Commercial Funding Placement Credit Repair & Real Estate Consultant

Edward, can you give me your email address so I can send you the Executive Summary. Better than a phone call. Please reply to heartlands@hotmail.com. Thanks, Eric

Hi Eric

At this point I don't need to see a Executive Summary. At this time I only need to talk with the principle that is applying for the funding by PHONE and if the talk goes well I will send the principal the paperwork for the loan the underwriters if the like the project they will contact the principal at that point they well request whatever paperwork that they will need at that time.

Edward Tuggle Independent Private Consultant Commercial Funding Placement Credit Repair & Real Estate Consultant Office 281-599-9954 Cell 281-704-0115 teuggle859@abcglobal.net

I am the principal. What cash payments do you or any other person or entity in the funding equation require of me prior to close?


I want do want to help you with your project if I can. But it is company policy that we talk with our  possible funding clients before sending out any paper work to them. It is now 11:30 Houston time I will be in my office at about !:30 Houston time we can talk then if you like my office is 281-599-9954 and my Cell is 281-704-0115 If I miss your call just leave me a voice mail man I will return your call.

Ed, I don't need to see any paperwork right now. I just need to know what cash is required of me prior to close. Unfortunately, it is company policy here that we know what our costs are going to be before we engage in telephone conversations with possible lenders or brokers. We have found this necessary because of the thousands of brokers who demand phone calls at our expense so they can pitch their fees to us. When we find it is difficult to extract information from a possible broker or lender, we have discovered by repeated bitter experience that it is better to discontinue the conversation.

Hi Eric

I you have a U.S.A. number I will call you.

Thanks Edward


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