I need a personal unsecured loan that does not have an upfront fee.  I can provide pay stubs to verify my income.

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Hello Kimberly,

We Fund Unsecured Personal Loans With No Up Front Fee.

You Can Click On My Website Link For Information And To Apply.

Thank You,

Sharon Askew Whitten


Wen I click on the link it ask what kind of business do I have.  I don't have a business.  I am a teacher.  The link doesn't say anything about personal unsecured loans.

You Can Let The Lender Know That You Are A Teacher And That You Are Interested In An Unsecured Personal Loan.

We Have Funded Many Unsecured Personal Loans.

You Can Apply On The Same Link.

Thank You,


I applied for a loan but I have not had a response to my application. Can you help with this?

The Lender Left You A Voicemail Message And Sent You An E-Mail Message On Yesterday.

They Will Try To Reach You Again Soon.

Thank You,


Kimberly, this is just what the doctor ordered.

Reggie TrussUBF_with_App.pdf

I don't have a business.  I am a teacher.

Good day

I am a private lender and i give out secured and unsecured loans. I give out loans at 6% interest rate and i do 100% financing

Email: alanpropertyloanservices@gmail.com

Mobile: 805-242-3709


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