I have some interested lenders for a variety of your oil financing projects.  Kjredick@gmail.com.  Thanks. 

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Mr Kevin Redick

Good afternoon

I am sorry for anxiety and I ask you, please not to hold on me is malicious.

At my father a brain tumour. The heavy form. In a frontal part of a head.

At mum severe pains in hands. After explosion of a cylinder with the prosir, 4 years ago. A burn of 80 % of a body.

I ask the loan in 580 000$. For 10 years. Under any annual percent which will suit you.

If can help, write to me, some words, on my mail. alekskkost5@yahoo.com. +79631818912. My phone number.

If can help, or tell where I can address for the help, I will be glad, and is ready to give you all documents on check.

I will give, my passports, under the diagnosis of the father. The document on apartment, as guarantees and a full package of documents.

I ask the help. I the fair person also am ready to pay monthly with percent.

As, I want to finish to your data. If you work in the Exchange Currency market interests, I can offer cooperation with the Swiss Broker Bank and the Large Exchange company. On a choice. Very good income, of your investments. Rather quiet both correct work, and the good income. If will wish, I can help at first to exclude what or losses. If the help constantly is necessary, I can find time and work with you. There is nothing in exchange I do not demand. There is nothing from you to me it is not necessary.
I ask only if can help the loan and assist in a loan, for treatment of parents, it and will be your gratitude to me. I will help you in exchange, to receive the good income.

Thanks also forgive, if I have disturbed you. Do not hold harm on me.

I expect your answer.

Kostylev Alexander.
Russia. 660062. Krasnoyarsk.
Street Visotnay 2. str 1. room 418.
Email: alekskkost5@yahoo.com
My private phone no: +79631818912
My private fax no: +7(391) 2478387
Occupation: Adviser.
Age: 34 year
Sex: Male.
Skype; Alekskkost5

Bank information.

Alexander Kostylev
655600. Khakassia Republic. Sayanogorsk. Southern microdistrict. The house 1, apartment 58.
ZAO RaiffeisenBank
№ 40817840007000010838
17/1Troitskaya, Moscow, 129090, Russia.

Correspondent bank
№ 3582021665001
Standart Chartered Bank of New York
FEDWIRE NO: 026002561

I beg help. The help is necessary to me.

Kostylev Alexander.


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