Hi - were looking at a 7 CAP, $4,000,000 65 unit in North Dakota.....We're a Canadian group. It's a couple hours drive for us south.....what are we looking at for down payment / LTV, amm, rate, term and guarantees...

204-297-6388 - can text me...

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In order to remail on this website, I need you to stop advertising things that you cannot produce. You do not offer 100% commercial financing and you do not offer it at 5%. You are not a lender. You do not have a lender that offers this. If this is a problem for you then please leave this website. 


Hi - you might be on the wrong feed. Who's offering 100% financing and 5%? I've never done that.


This is Monty. I own this website. I came across a dishonest "mortgage broker" on your post offering you 5% and 100% financing. He saw my response to that and deleted his message. You can see my response to him above and he deleted what he posted. Anyone offering 100% commercial financing or rates below 6% right now is a scam. That type of funding does not exist unless the property is owner occupied and going through the SBA program. I recommend contacting Gregory O. Thomas on this website. He is a Mortgage Broker but has sources that can help you with funding in Canada as well as the USA. Here is his profile: https://realestatefinance.ning.com/profile/DrG

You will have to send him a friend request in order to message him. He would be your best bet for Canadian funding options.

Ahh yes. So much fraud or phishing out there. I see it all over and all the time. Terrible. Don't worry i won't fall for it. lol 

They prey on the desperate and ask for an upfront commission or application fee....and then disappear...

The below 2 websites are included in our https://davidwkleeglobalfunding.com for US business owners or borrowers for their online direct funding application :



I saw your DM to me but that comment was not to you. I deleted the member that was offering fake loans. I do not think you are a fake at all, you appear to be an Affiliate. What an Affiliate is to me is someone that markets loans on behalf of someone else. An Affiliate has no decision making ability and cannot help anyone secure financing, but they can connect someone requesting funding with the company that you represent so that an actual broker or lender can offer funding. If someone really wants funding then they will go directly to a lender. If they cannot find a solid lender then they contact a mortgage broker, who will always have a list of legitimate lenders to use. I guess a "funding affiliate" would be the next step down?

Sent you a text to the number provided. Have worked with Canadian Investors and happy to provide references.

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