Niche Commercial RE Lending - Mutlifamily and Apartment Complexes

I wanted to introduce 2 niche Commercial RE financing programs from the same lender that could fill a void for many investors (even FOREIGN) , esp. those involved in multifamily or apartment complex investing.  Everyone parades that they have this and they have that, but this is REAL. 
Same lender, 2 programs, mainly focused on multifamily but will look at other commercial real estate.

Conventional program:
This lender will do "non-bankable" deals but doesn't put terms and rates in the private/hard $ realm. They will lend to foreign investors (NO US Credit/Tax returns), out of state investors, will lend on under-performing properties, will not restrict uses of funds for cash out refinances, etc.  They will do things banks would not consider while still putting terms/rates in a fair place.
Terms: negotiable
Rates: 5.5-7%

Bridge loan program is 1-2 pt., 9.5%, up to 2 years I/O; can be non-recourse; if need REHAB, will lend partially on future value (see flyer).

Loan amounts $1MM-5MM for both. Nationwide.

Please message if know someone who could utilize this program. Please look at attached flyer.  I can send 3 recent loan approvals if you contact me.

We can do other CRE financing, but this program is taking off.

Contact for more details.


Jared Rine

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