New Mortgage Broker here! Looking for funding options for my Investors!

Good Morning!

My name is Teri and I am just getting started in the business. I live in southern California and hope to work with Investors across the country to fund their purchase and refinances. My first Investor lives in Van Nuys, Ca. and owns a 4 unit. Worth probably $1.1 Million or so and owes nothing on it! He inherited this from a relative and this is why he moved to America from Mexico several years ago. He is looking for another similar property in the range of $700,000 to $1 Million. He has almost $150,000 he can put down and a middle 600 credit score. Runs an appliance repair company and makes a little over $150,000 a year. I am new at this but he seems well qualified. This Investor became a citizen 4 years ago but does not want to look at traditional banking. He is looking to purchase something in need of cosmetic repair and either rent it out or flip it. His brother does framing and cabinet work and has a crew that he can use for rehab. This feels like a good opportunity for my first deal but I do not know where to go for funding. I am friends with his sister so that is how I secured such a good Investor on my first try.

Who funds this type of deal?

Teri Simmons

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Hello, Teri. My name is Raymond Weston, of CAPSTONE PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT, LLC. Welcome to REF. Are you a licensed Mortgage Broker? If yes; I'd like to connect with you, as I am always looking for opportunities, nationwide. Especially in the categories of Mixed Use properties, and Apartment complexes.

We can connect directly, at I look forward to hearing from you.


I am a broker with direct connections to lenders. Give me a call at 707-342-0872. We can discuss how I can help you.

Best Regards,

Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services

Hi! I am still looking for funding for my Investor here in California. Any lenders interested in this?

Thanks you!

Teri Simmons

I can certainly help from $10,000 to $400,000 for any unsecured request. Please contact me at and I will certainly assets you.

Wayne Hollis

Teri, Has your client received funding?

I did not realize I would receive so many responses here. Sorry to everyone I did not message. I ended up messaging the admin for this website and received a call from the owner, Monty. After a conference call with my investor and his brother to translate, and me texting him daily for a week, we emailed the paperwork last Wednesday and yesterday we received a preapproval for up to $590,000 in funding with $150,000 down. I connected my investor with a real estate agent in Van Nuys and they are going to look at properties in that area later today. I am sorry to all that were nice enough to respond here but it looks like this will happen very soon so I am happy that Monty could provide this loan for him. He is a nice guy that left a terrible area of Mexico and made a success for his family here in California. This makes me so happy.

Thanks to all of you.

Teri Simmons

Hi Teri. My name is Anthony Neal. I know this is a done deal but I wanted to reach out anyway because I too am in the Los Angeles area. I have been brokering investment loans here for many years and I have some great lenders that I use. If you would like to meet in person or speak about financing, please message me. I am down in Culver City so not really that far from you.

I am always here if you need assistance.

Anthony Neal

Thank you Anthony.

My Investor had his offer accepted. I am new to this process but things appear to be moving along very quickly. I was told by the broker that is helping me with this that he expects closing the week of Sept. 19. That would be almost 2 weeks before the date on the purchase agreement so my Investor is very excited. I will try to post after this closes. Thanks for your inquiry Anthony and thanks to Monty Yeager for making this happen for us.

Teri Simmons

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