I am in a bind. I need some help, I am unable to refinance my house by using it as collateral with anyone I have contacted so far. I need to get my personal residence fixed up, and the medical bills on my credit taken care of so I may start my REI company and not be laughed out of a bank. I know everyone has started somewhere, so this is very frustrating when I know I don't have the experience, I do have the know how and the business sense to get things done. That Lenders are telling me that they cannot help me because of that. Is there anyone out there who can help, you may use my house as collateral it is paid off 100% scott free. Let me know

Thank you,


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Where is your house located Jeremy?  I can lend in California as I'm licensed for this state but non other....I could possibly refer you to someone if not in California. 

Best, Forest

Broker/Owner - The Guy in the White Hat


I am located in Des Moines Iowa


Darn.  Alright, I have one referral you can try who can possibly help: 

John Flores of Citation Financial Inc. Ph: 925/683-1094. 

Wish you the best of luck. 


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