I have a client that needs a 6.3 Million Dollar Commercial Refinance Loan. The LTV is less than 30%. We need to have a commitment by May 10th. 

The loan needs to be from a Bank Lender, CMBS Lender, or Life Insurance Company Lender, NO HARD MONEY LENDER, NO PRIVATE MONEY LENDER, NO BRIDGE LENDER.

Message me or email me at support@bizprofit.net

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Call me ASAP. I work with a bank that will do this deal. 



I can get you funded with the loan you need, get back to me so we can proceed further.

Tell: (571) 358-9518
E-mail: prosperfundingllc@gmail.com

Mr. Eric,

 Matt, I know the time has passed but, maybe in the future

 The Michael Lewis Group has a long relationships with a great many life insurance companies, several CMBS

platforms, many hedge funds, pension funds as well as local, regional and national banks.  Other funding groups

we work with are comprised of private equity firms, banks, trusts, real estate investment firms, family offices and 

venture capital firms.  The Michael Lewis Group introduces those in need of funding to entities best suited

for the proposed project.  Our affiliates have all forms of dept/equity programs for most commercial real estate

and utility scale alternative energy (wind, solar, etc). 


Reggie Truss

The Michael Lewis Group



A Veteran Owned Company


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