I am looking to purchase a 4/2.5/2 house with 2500 sq. ft. Springfield, Mo

I can get a loan from my bank and have a line of credit for part of the down payment but needing help with the repairs and some of the down payment.

The house is listed for $ 130,000 ARV $200,000 - $210,000 with about $30,000 repairs. Average days on market here is about 65 days.

I am looking for about $40,000 for the rest of the down payment and the repairs. Would be looking to use the money for about 120 days.

If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking for a private lender that could do more money. I keep passing on flips due to lack of funds. I am not interested in anymore Hard money lenders.

If you want you can goto my website and see some of our houses that we have done. www.tescorealestateinvestors.com


Scott Strickland


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Hello Scott, this is what i can do for you if you are still interested in funding?

Below is my contact to reach so we can discuss how best to move forward with the paper works. 


email: info@trustedloancorps.com


Mr Guillermo Munoz 

Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks 

Best Regard 

Scott did you get the financing that you need?

If you have good credit and earn at least $50K+ a year, I can get you an unsecured term loan from $25K to $250K that can be used for any purposes such as down payment, rehab cost and possibly purchases.

The rates are competitive to private lending at 3.99% to 14.99% and there isn't any prepay penalties or hidden costs.

For more information reach out to me at mhaineskw@gmail.com.


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