My brother wants to flip a house with me. I have done several but he is brand new to this. He knows the seller and it is an off market property. We can purchase the house, located in Florida, for $160,000. It needs about $35,000 in cosmetic rehab. Nothing serious but it has been vacant for over a year and needs cleanup, 2 bathroom updates, and roof repair. My appraiser friend says as it sits now without rehab it is worth $220,000 and after will be around $290,000.

We are willing to put 10% down and want to finance the rehab. We both have over 700 credit. I can show about $220,000 in income for myself, he is around $60,000 a year.

I don't have anyone that will do a loan this small. Do you?

Thanks in advance!

Jamie Cafaro

Oh, if I don't respond to you do not be mad, I am looking for fast, simple, and direct funding. I will buy the second I find it. Thanks again!

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I can do a line of credit , either personal or business  with your scores , it will probably be no interest for 1 year

Please contact me at 602 330 1598   i  also have flip program and other products  linda wintersteen 


Hi Linda. Thanks for your fast response. I am going to take until the end of this weekend to consider all options. A line of credit is not something I have thought about but we may be interested. I will call if we decide to go that direction.

Thanks again!

i have numerous products after 30 years in the financial world !!!!   banks are not doing credit lines , but I still have good sources , and they are super fast !!    Linda 

just checking back with you and please share  

please share with everyone you know
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Jamie Can We Talk About The Loan Scenario , Do You Still Need Funding ?

Sebastian Hamelin

Financial Specialist

438 869 0221

Hi Jamie, we provide fix/flip (and buy/hold) funding nationwide.  My website is below, and email is:

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I do work with a private investor for some of the fix and flips

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