I have a client that just went under contract for a home in Ft. Myers Florida.  Purchase price is $289000. ARV is $380000.  The buyer can pay 15% down payment. Who can help with some quick financing for this project? Direct Lenders ONLY!!!

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A. Worldwide Alternative Business Funding & Trade Finance & Loan Resource 


CFG Financial Group USA ( with more than two decades of financial service experience working together with CFG USA lending partners around the world ‌ ‌ )


CFG USA has partnered with a variety of financial institutions and investors to be able to offer a large scope of both pricing and service Funding/Financial Instruments & Performing Note Buy offer options .


CFG USA offers most of their products and services DOMESTICALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY ‌ ‌ , however any product dealing with real estate (such as mortgage notes) the property must be located within the US. Asset enhancement products/services such as leased financial instruments are offered globally, and is one of their specialties .


CFG USA goal is to enhance the ability to meet the financial needs of financing professionals while building long-lasting strategic alliances for continued ethical business relationships.


Borrower must visit & click ‌ the following ONLINE URL ‌ TO APPLY DIRECTLY - CFG USA Related Funding Application Form ‌ for their immediate attention and initial underwriting by CFG USA.


Davidwkleeglobalfunding With CFG USA 


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B. Alternative Business Funding & Trade Finance & Loan Resource In USA 


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About Us


Send ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation USA Possible business Fun...


At ECC Entrepreneur Capital Corporation USA Est. in 1988 , we have over 30 years of experience with business and financial services. From real-estate investments to existing or start-up financial services, our experts can secure the funding you need.


David Lee 

CFG & ECC USA Registered Business Affiliate & Finance Agent 






Hi Lisa,

Below are some guidelines and parameters for your review.  If you have files that could potentially fit in any of our loan products below, please let me know and I'll be sure to take care of you, and your files.  Thank you and I look forward to working with you in the near future and being your preferred private lender.... Main 
1) We lend up to 90% of loan to purchase and 100% rehab budget, subject to 75% ARV.  Starting rate at 7.99%. Points start at 2%. Min. 575 fico but prefer 620, 1 year term, no prepay.
2) Refi cash-out up to 70% LTV, refi (Rate/term) up to 75% LTV. Need 600 fico. Same pricing as above.
3) 2+1 loan term. refi cash out up to 65% LTV, refi rate-term up to 75% LTV.  Rate starts at 7.75%, starting at 2% points.  Need 660 fico. as well as must meet 1.25% DSCR. 
4) 7 year term, up to 75% LTV. Rate starts at 7.99%, starting at 2.0% points.
5) 30 year term, need 2 years tax return, need 660 ficoPurchase loan up to 80% LTV. Refi cash out up to 70% LTV, refi- rate/term up to 75% LTV.  starting 2.0% points
3 and 7 year loan term. Up to 75% LTV, need 650 fico, rates starts at 7.75%, starting 2.0% points.
1-2 year loan term, Rate starts at 8.49%, starting at 2.0% points, up to 85% Loan to Cost. 
Prefer CA properties, but will consider on a case by case on AZ, CO, DC, FL, MA, MD, NY, TX, and WA.  We lend up to 75% LTV and construction budget. Must be shovel ready.  Min. 600 fico but prefer 620 fico. No rookies, must have prior verifiable ground up construction experience.  Rate starts at 9.99%, starting at 2.5% points.
Main Chang
Managing Member
DRE: 01827029
M.E.R. Capital Funding Corp.
8280 Florence Ave. #200A
Downey, CA 90240
O: (562) 448-5511
C: (562) 896-3874
F: (562) 242-2225

For anyone seeking a DIRECT Fix & Flip lender, we are it.  We service 30+ states, lend on single family and multifamily and are the direct source for the money. We lend up to 90% of purchase & rehab or up to 70% of the ARV, whichever is less, depending on borrower's recent experience, financial profile and credit profile, with the greatest strength placed on borrower's recent experience.

We are also seasoned/active investors and bring more to the table than just money. Closing transactions nationwide daily, but each one started with a simple app which can be completed at my page of our website by clicking "New Application".  Here is the link: https://directlendingpartner.com/project/robert-beeman/

Contact info:

Email: Rob@Directlendingpartner.com

Direct: 215-913-1580

If you are still in need of financing, my company, ReCasa Financial Group, lends to real estate investors. We offer 100% financing. Let me know if you are interested in learning more! Thank you!

Nikki Hauenstein 

Hello Lisa, 

Is your deal still available for funding and if yes this is what i can make happen for you. 

Below you going to find my full contact details to reach me so we can discuss how best to move forward with the processing. Looking forward to hear from you. 

VRLending LLC 


Mr. Cesar Ramirez.....Direct lender 

I can help you with the loan
contact me on advacapitalfinance@gmail.com
or text me on 419 768 7119
for more details

Hi Lisa, email me right away on   tomaswood@mail.com i can help get the funded

Contact me to get the loan you need.



John Hanson

Hello, are you in need of Real Estate and other Financing means for your Deals/Projects and Jobs??
Financing for Flips/Bridge/Purchases/Start-ups/Consolidation/Debt/Projects of all forms.
Please contact us today and you will get your need in 48 hours no delay.
Note: You can also refer client that need funding and get 15% of interest charged when the deal is closed/funding.
Email: investcoi@yahoo.com

William Matos.
TEXT: 9047587120

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