Property is $530k. Off market. Near Philadelphia. I have good credit and can put $100k down. Experienced investor with 5 properties in my portfolio. I would like to add this to my properties. What can you offer for financing on this one?

Thanks in advance!

Mark Lewis

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Hey Mark,

We should be able to get this done for you. Are you under contract yet? Please reach out directly with more information about the property!

Nick Hubbard | Managing Partner
o: 314-252-0299

Hi Mark. 

I can get this completed for you. I have the same question as Nick... Are you currently under contract and if so what is the date to close? Just need a little more info.

Please PM me here on this website.

Thanks Mark!

Lisa Verholtz

Thanks for your replies. I am traveling this afternoon so I cannot call just yet but no, this property is not under contract. I actually know the seller personally and it is an off market transaction. I have until Oct. 1 to close. Not a huge hurry but the property is already rented on both sides. This one is a good cash flow opportunity. I have had 5 people DM me from this site but as I am traveling, I will not move forward until next week. At that time I can provide any needed documentation that is required to make this purchase happen.

Thanks again.

I will toss my name in the ring as well. We are direct lender and may be able to assist. Feel free to email at and check out our company Pimlico Group.

Hey Mark,

We are able to complete the funding for you. Please forwards me additional info about the property and your business enity 

Just wanted to update... I have received about a dozen messages offering to help me finance this property. I ended up choosing a broker named Lisa Verholtz here on real estate finance. Was given the term sheet yesterday morning which I have signed and will move forward with her on this purchase. Thanks to everyone that messaged me on this website offering to finance this purchase.

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Are you still interested in the loan for $530k for the off market property?

4% interest rate i can offer.

contact me so we can discuss the teams.


Anton Glotser

Hello Mark good  day. I am reaching out in regards to your post, I 'd like a conversation, email me on 

Mark, I don't know if I can help, but if you fill out the attached I can tell you for sure.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss/Loan Father

USAF Veteran.



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