Seeking lender who can fund Non-Owner Occupied purchases, purchase / rehabs and cash out refinances.

Minimum loan amount: $20K

Maximum Loan Amount: $250K

LTV: 50-65%

Big pipeline of loans that need immediate funding!

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I can help with your funding request.


Peter Abraham 10921 McMullen RD Riverview, FL 33569 813 400-3537 office 813 672 8840 fax

Hello To All,

    I wanted to introduce myself and my Company which is Cyprus Associates ,  I am in the process of launching Cyprus based on my History in the Medical Staffing Industry for the last 25 Years !  Throughout my Journey I have formed connections with a plethora of Professionals which are either in the Financial Investment Arena ,  or who have Incredible Developments or Projects in which they seek Investors .   I am a magnet to People and love collaborating with ALL who are seeking Funding or in search of Investments...

  I just wanted to share that I would love to see how we can collaborate together on the Funding that YOU are seeking ...
I am direct to a lender that will finance the following:  I also WELCOME Investors to contact me for Project Interest..

SBA Loans, Hard Money, Bridge Loans ,  So Many options just for YOU !
Oil, Gas, Alternative Energy, Wind Turbine
In Ground Assets
Shopping Centers
Multifamily Apartments
Commercial Properties
Elder Care Facilities
Construction Loans
Purchase Order Financing
Hard Money Loans
Heavy Equipment Financing
Sale/ leaseback deals
Medical Equipment Leasing
Hotel/Motel Funding
Precious Metal lines of credit to owners
Precious Gems dealers get working capital
Antique and Fine Art

Please email me

Pamela Paulson

Cyprus and Associates
Founding Partner
Phone:  (619) 445-0065
Cell:      (619) 772-1969
Fax:      (800) 707-6951


Thanks for your response to my loan request.  I am currently seeking a lender who can refinance a Bar/Restaurant/Gentleman's Club. Loan amount $950K.  Please advise if you can assist.


I can help with this. I source deals for IBS Bank, N.A. How's their credit? Let's discuss further. You can contact me by any means below.


Copelon J. Kirklin

Skype: copelon

225.304.2634 cell


I've attempted to reach you on several occasions, but to no avail.  Please contact me at 313.772.1958.

I look forward to speaking with you regarding some of my pending deals.

Residential / Rehab funding:

100% of acquisition and rehab up to 70% ARV

12-18 months


3-5 points

FICO 600 or above

Available nationwide except AK, AL, HI, MI, NV, VT, WV

SFH, condos, town homes, 1-4 units

Steve Thornbrue, Sunwest Capital, 801-738-4161,,


Thanks for your response to my loan request.  I am very interested in speaking with you further regarding your loan programs.  I have lots of investors looking for purchase/rehab funding.

Call me at 801-738-4161 or email:


 work directly with a lender and we offer the following funding programs:

$100% financing/bond funding.  This funding is 100% financing, but, the principal must be able to be able to pay for the underwriting, due diligence and appraisal fees.  We charge NO UPFRONT FEES to review a transaction.  After reviewing the transaction, we submit it to underwriting and we do a conference call.  We do some "Q & A" with the client and at the end, the client decides if they want to go forward.  They don't pay any fees until they decide And, we even give out references after the conference call.  Yes, you can call our clients and get feedback. 

Recourse Funding.  Commercial and residential loans from $25,000 up to $500,000.  This is an asset based, no-credit score and no personal guarantee loan.  We offer bank rates from 4% to 5.5%.  70% LTV based on the ARV (after repair value) of the property.  For buy/sell, it's 12-18 month interest only and for buy/sell, we can do a 5 to 10 year term based on a 20 to 30 year amortization.  

Non-Recourse Funding.  For our non-recourse lending for loans of 70% to 80% LTV based on the ARV.  So, for example:  you have a client that needs a loan for $3 million and the property is worth $5 million (refinance scenario).  Here, there is no personal guarantee and it is asset based.  The client MUST be able to show reserves and prove he can service the debt.

Should you have any other questions either e-mail me at or call me direct at 551-208-7661.

Thank you.

Paula Steele


Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc. is a private investment bank. We have a real estate finance division. Send me an Executive Summary.
Jeffrey B. Freis, President
Jeffrey B. Freis Associates, Inc.
Tel: 914 967-9235
Fax:914 798-6670

We are able to do CRE Loans in all 50 states. Please feel free to contact me to talk about how I can help with your funding needs.


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