Looking to refinance 10 scattered site 1-3 unit properties in Milwaukee

Looking to refinance 10 properties 17 units in Milwaukee, WI.  We are looking for around $500,000.  We owe $465,000 and last appraisal came in at $700,000.  Three strong guarantors.

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Hey JJ,

We provide several private RE financing programs(Stated Income, Portfolio Loans, Hard Money & Bridge Loans) for acquisitions, refinance or cash outs. We can do short term from 1-3yrs, all they way up to 30yr terms. Rates starting at 6.5% depending on credit scores. Up to 75% LTV. Our programs are streamlined and we can get borrowers funded quickly. If you still need funding, please send us more information about your properties and situation. We are a US based company and can definitely get you the funds you need. I look forward to your reply!


Nick Hubbard

E: nick@elitefactoring.com



Our rental portfolio loans provide liquidty and long-term peace of mind to owners of stabilized rental properties.

Rental Portfolio Loan

5+ rental properties

single family, 2-4 units, condos, townhouse

stabilized (lease) portfolio

$500k -$100 million

Loans up to 75% of value

5 years or 10 years term

purchase or refinance

non-recourse options available

If interested, just email me at samcthomas45@gmail.com

Maybe we can help with this project.  But we like to know who we are dealing with, I need a brief summary, your name and an email address.  Hope to hear from you.

Reggie Truss


We have a portfolio program that will best serve your needs.

Please reach out to us. We can help... And of course, there are no upfront fees for us to assess your loan request.

James Crigler


(770) 572 -4481 Direct

My Name is Blessing, am a Investment/ loan Advisor and International Outsourcing personnel. I recommend credible Entrepreneur/viable projects to a Consortium of Private
Investors who are looking for good business plan/Entrepreneurs to invest and manage funds on a short and long term basis.
I have a loan offer from my principals to recommend on merit a reputable Private
Individual/ Company Owner with good financial standing to receive and
invest between $5,000/$10,000,000.00 Million USD in a secure High Risk/Low Risk
Investment/ projects that will generate a good Return on Investment annually
Please make sure you contact us to this email directly or copy our email address and pest before sending messages
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The terms are 2% interest rate per annual (Negotiable) time duration is 10 years/1year grace period.
Kindly indicate your interest for more details respond with your whatsapp number for instant chat and easy communication.
Email: awak73778@gmail.com
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs Blessing

When The Big Banks Can't Help, We Can!
Incredibly Fast Gig-Worker Funding, Small Business Capital, Customer Finance, And Payment Processing


Business funding has never been easier. Let's get started!

Step 1 - Apply
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Depending on funding type and amount - you will be approved simply by verifying and linking your bank account - or by uploading your bank statements.
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With most funding, you will receive an instant offer on screen. With larger funding and Lines of Credit- you will receive an offer via email within one hour to one business day.

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DavidAllenCapital Registerd Broker

RJ Capital is presently lending on construction, business expansion, property acquisitions and refinances. Was an architect for 35 years so like to work with projects
If you need a loan to expand or want to refinance an existing loan, like to see if we can help.
Take care

Call 917.764.4207 and let’s talk. I am direct to private lender who has very competitive terms.

Below is some info on what we can do. Please let me know when we can start on your project.

Loan Type:
• Bridge/Acquisition loan
• Land loan
• Construction loan
• Land servicing loan
• Inventory loan
• Revolvers & term loans Asset class
Term: 6 months to 15 years Purpose:
• To purchase, refinance, re position, development  
Loan Amount: $1,000,000 - $50 million+ redevelop real estate properties
• To provide funding for the gap between construction and finished project
• Multi-residential (apartment rentals, condominiums)
• Single-family residential (including custom homes)
• Office
• Industrial
• Manufacturing
• Retail
• Hotel
• Student Housing
• Seniors Housing
• Other (self-storage etc.) Security/Rank:
• 1st Mortgage (including partial interests for high quality assets/sponsorship); • 2nd Mortgage (Mezzanine); or
• Joint Venture Partnerships (on a selective basis)
Loan-to-Cost: Up to 90% (depending on asset class and purpose)
Loan-to-Value: Up to 90% (depending on asset class and purpose)
Constriction Interest Rate: 3-8%
After CO turns into long term loan of PRIME + 2-3
Terms & conditions: up to 20 years
Amortization: Interest only

Property Locations: Primary urban markets across Canada, USA and Caribbean

Commercial Real-Estate Backed Funding


Longer Terms.  Higher Offers.

Loan offers up to $50M.
Lower payments with terms up to 5 years with 30 year amortization.
Current Rates 7.5% - 8.5%*.


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