Looking to purchase a car wash with property included

Looking to get funding for a car wash in the New Paltz NY area. Looking for either a joint venture or partnership kind of thing or just straight up financing. I'm looking to refinance in 2-3yrs and pay the funds back that way. If anyone can help and would like to discuss it further please contact me. Thank you.

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Yes it is an existing business with positive revenue.how much revenue I'm not exactly sure because the realtor wants proof that I have the funds before he will even let me see the tax returns or any major details on the income. I do know it comes with 1.6acres of commercial land. It has 5 SS bays and 1 automatic wash. Also has a small garage that is being rented to a local tow company for $1000 a month. Once I can prove to the realtor that I have the funds I can get the exact details. Some realtors are a real pain in the you know what.

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Ok. I'll contact the realtor and see if he'll give me the information.

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