Hi Vassi Karson :
We can finance your project from start to finish and as part of our prospectus, and repayment starts after 12 months grace period, from time project is finished and starts to function and produce revenues.

We are open to your project(s), Our portfolio consist of diversified services which includes investment and desire to launch out loans to interested managers who can make returns as at when due. Presently, our lender makes an Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP) of about 2.7% per annum and we are capable to grant Loan between the ranges from US$500,000 to US$100 Billion.

Note that we will not be able to monitor the progress of the investment so for this reason, our lender prefers to Loan you the funds to invest in the project as the sole proprietor and return to us 3.5% interest rate annually for 5 - 20 years period and if your returns is considerable to us, Our lender will renew another more years tenure with you.

However, as part of our procedure for consideration of project for possible funding, we will expect to receive your project's general presentation in the form of a comprehensive business plan in a compatible (PDF file recommended) and It is compulsory that clients send to us more elaborate breakdown of the project for our review and consideration. If the project as presented is acceptable and falls within our scope of funding, we shall thus make an offer on a very clear and precise term.

We expect project presentation/Business plan to be able to cover the following functional areas :

•  Summary of your Business type / Company Introduction / Structure or an Introduction of the Project Owner / Initiator
•  Business Plan (if it is an already existing Project or state if it is a new Project)
•  Financial Structure and Analysis to support the Project plan and Proposition

As soon as you send the above documents, we will review your Loan application for consideration of possible funding.

Any communication with us is considered PRIVILEGED and CONFIDENTIAL
*** Our lender charge due diligence and documentation fee of USD1050 ***

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