Looking for lenders to Fund Purchase and Rehab cost for high return in Orange County, CA. Anyone out there ready to partner up with R&P Home Solutions? Sent me a line I’m very motivated and ready to go. As a bonus my wife is a realtor.

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Hi, I have company that will provide renovation funds.

Do you know someone that needs Renovation Funds

to fix up their property or properties?

Brand New company providing these funds....NO CREDIT CHECK!

Watch video here: http://renovationfunders.com/referrers/1331

$2000 BONUS(You submit a deal that closes!)

$1000 BONUS(sponsor the investor on a deal that closes!)

$500 BONUS(sponsor the person who sponsored the investor on a deal that close!)


Register here: http://renovationfunders.com/register/1331

I know of a source which funds the rehab 100% up to $300K. If you are interested, contact me at uri124ch@gmail.com

Daniella Goldstein

Please send me more information on your 100% Funding for fix and flip homes.
Do you do 100% Funding can you send me your information and what Country is your business from.

MACG REAL ESTATE GROUP has partnered up a private lender specializing in small balance loans for investors in 34 states. 


 Please feel free to email me anytime your loan scenarios you may have for a quick rate quote.

 Average closing time is two weeks for both purchases and refinances.  We’ve made it as simple as possible to get your client closed.  We require:

No doc 1003 (all sections EXCEPT V AND VI) and borrower profile (attached)Payment for appraisal  (we bill via PayPal)2 forms of ID and corporate docs (if applicable)Title commitmentHomeowner’s insurance


P.S. I might be able to help you get deals done that are outside the parameters of what we do as well. I have an outstanding sources for all kinds of unusual loans. Call, text or email me with the scenario….. I might be able to get it done!


☆☆☆  Let me tell you WHAT ELSE WE CAN DO!

☆  30 day seasoning on a rehab

☆  You can buy a home, rehab it and come to us after 30 days for a cash out loan—NO ONE else does this

☆  Cash outs while your home is listed

☆  You can have your home listed on MLS and take cash out—NO ONE else does this, FHA requires 90 days of the property not being listed, conventions is 180 days

☆  More deals/year

☆  Accelerating deals

☆  Leveraging your refinance with your next purchase

☆  Use our cash out product to take 50% equity out of a home, list the home and start on your next project---more homes per year then paying cash

If you have a deal scenario you would like our lenders to review email: INFO@MACGREALESTATE.COM

In response to your post I venture forth to get in touch with you.
I am a finance and mortgage professional with over 30 years of experience. Holding designations of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) & Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP) licenced as mortgage broker in the province of Ontario, Canada.  I live and work in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I’m an authorized broker to large commercial & renewable energy financing sources in the USA and Switzerland. 1 Million to Billions of dollars available for U.S., Canada, Mexico and international projects from 1 yr. to 20 yrs., on flexible terms. 
Please contact me for more details at  archie@fc4you.com
Thank you and regards,
Archie David
Managing Director & CEO,   archie@fc4you.com
Finance Centre   www.fc4you.com   /   www.renewenergyfinance.com   


I can get you funded with the loan you need, get back to me so we can proceed further.

(571) 358-9518

Mr. Eric,

I can get you funded with the loan you need, get back to me so we can proceed further.

Tell: (571) 358-9518
E-mail: prosperfundingllc@gmail.com

Mr. Eric,

I can get you funded with the loan you need, get back to me so we can proceed further.

Tell: (571) 358-9518
E-mail: prosperfundingllc@gmail.com

Mr. Eric,

Generation of Funds,Investment,Capital for Personal and Business use, as well as Mortgage/Home loans to Purchase or Refinance,can be met with hitting on the right genuine source with less interest rate, contact johndanzell212@gmail.com

I may be able to help. My company may be able to assist with funding. Click on the apply link below fill out the application and a funding agent will contact you.


COMMERCIAL Purchase, Refi, Cash Out Refi: $100k - $4mil. Up to 70% LTV + 100% REHAB (Not greater than 65% ARV) Cash Out Refi – not greater than 60% LTV. 9-13%, Interest Only, No pre-pay penalty. Up to 12 months/6 month extension. 10-15 days to close. 2-4 points. Nationwide USA. (On some deals can go higher than $4 mil)

RESIDENTIAL Purchase, Refi, FIX-n-FLIPS! 1-4 units, Up to 80% on Purchase, 100% REHAB (not to exceed 65% ARV), 30 day loans to 12 months, Min $100k, 10-14%, Interest only, No pre pay penalty, 2-4 points, Can close in 10 biz days in most cases, Nationwide USA. No owner occupied.

We also offer Blanket loans. Blanket loans require a minimum of two properties, minimum of $100k each.

Meredith J. Weiss
Private Money Nationwide


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