I am a general contractor who has been buying beat up homes and remodeling them for a fast flip and profit. I know have several sources for these properties but they are all cash only. Proof must be given of funds in a bank to make an offer. For now I am on the low end of investment. I am looking for a 90K loan to procure and renovate in which the lender will get a first mortgage as security for 90 days in which I will pay my lender $10,000 in interest for the use of funds along with the return of the 90K. I now have the potential to pick up two properties in Pompano Beach and two in Boyton Beach this Month.  My name is Richard Rossi and my cell number is 561.542.3654.

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-------------- FUNDING for FIX & FLIP ------------

---------------NO DOC REHAB FUNDS. -----------

----------- 125% of PURCHASE PRICE. -----------

----- NO UPFRONT FEES.  7 DAY CLOSE. -------


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