I'm looking to fund three projects, all located in Wisconsin.  I'm offering 12%, you get first lien position.

Need: $400K to purchase and rehab an 18 bed assisted living facility.   ARV- $650K

Need: $600K to purchase and rehab a 30 bed assisted living facility with 10 room Memory Care Unit, or Alzheimer's Care Unit, attached                                                         ARV- $975 plus

Need: $600K to purchase and upgrade a 90 room full service hotel        ARV- $1mm plus

The timeline for rehab and resale on all of these is 12 months.  All of the above COULD be leased to experienced operators for even better, long term returns.

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I developed a unique software that helps me to search all over the internet (with thousands of sources of relevant big data) in order to find all over the country super attractive Multifamilies with high cap rate of 15% - 25%
I buy mostly the properties that renovations is not required, ~100% occupied, with a strong cash flow from day one!
I'm looking for a partner that will invest the money for the down payment most of the time the range is 10-30% of the purchase price (I have a high credit score so I know how to bring 80% to 100% financing) .
The target is to share 50%/50% on all the profits after payment and financing.
I know how (and I can present proof with other properties of mine) to produce for the partner 30% 50% Cash on Cash ROI
Can it interest to you?

Please send me a executive summary of your JV Partner projects to samcthomas45@gmail.com

QUICK AND EASY FUNDING,I can help you with the loan you seek if you are interested kindly get back to me on donaldouglasloan@gmail.com. I will be the last lender you will contact.

Thank you.

Hi, Donald,

       My e-mail to your g-mail was returned.


Please review the attached funding program. Should you be ready to move forward I can send you the application.

Best Regards,

Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services

Phone: 510-575-1709

Fax: 1-855-203-6081



I would love to help with the financing on these deals. If you can send over the information, I will have it set up and will see what we can do. I am confident I can bring a lot of value to the table.

Please feel free to call me to discuss.


Leah Pollack



Hi, Leah,

       My e-mail to your g-mail account was returned as undeliverable.

Hi George,

Marc Simpson with Peak Choice Capital. We are a finance firm located in Neenah and always looking to work with borrowers in our own backyard. Each project is something we can consider but we need to get more information on how you are looking to structure this deal. Feel free to reach out to me directly so we can further assist you.

Best regards,

Marc Simpson

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Mr. Lekas,

I know where you can get funding for these.

Contact me at kyeats@netzero.net


Hi, Kevin,

       I sent you an email, but haven't heard back from you.  


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