I am looking for folks who need money for acquisition/rehabilitation or value add on income producing commercial real estate.  I prefer investments in multifamily property and office units. 

I can make deals with as little as 10% down.  I will offer a negotiable bridge-to-permanent loan if there is major rehab, or value add.  The bridge will start at 8.99% interest.  I will charge 4.13% on permanent loans.  I will offer a 10-year term.  This will be a non-recourse deal.  I also charge a small commitment fee, which will go towards underwriting and valuation costs.  I will refund this fee at closing.  

I can close quickly, in as little as a week.  I can close within three days once I have all the documentation in and I have underwritten the deal.  

I am looking for projects that range from $1MM to $15MM.  

Email me at keelinternational@gmail.com for more information.  

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